WhatsApp Status in Hindi

Today’s world is the world of smart devices and intelligent applications. WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging app in the world is the best example of this. This messaging app is designed to be used by smartphone users; however, now the app is used on tablets and even PCs. The wonderful app is quite useful in sending instant messages to your friends and family, but also to send images, videos, user location, audios and voice messages. We use WhatsApp every day, and most of us use it several times a day.


Status Update

The role of the status update in WhatsApp is to tell your contacts in real time what you’re doing. If it still appears “Hey there, I am using WhatsApp” is not such an attractive state for the rest of your contacts. At the end, WhatsApp is more than an application of conversations. It is another social network where each user can share from his mood to relevant information in his status.

Status Update in Hindi

WhatsApp already has millions of users who understand Hindi and most of people search whatsapp status in hindi. Most of us have heard of this service and many even have it downloaded on our phones. In this post I will provide information on how to put a status in Hindi because sometimes depending on the operating system it can be confusing.

Well, you don’t need to do anything special to update your status in Hindi. All you need to do is to change the current language of your Smartphone.

Convert the language from English to Hindi

Just follow these steps and you can change the language with great ease.

  1. Go to the Applications menu then open Settings of your Smartphone.
  2. Touch Language & input
  3. Now activate “Hindi” on your device
  4. Save

Now you are good to go and update your status in Hindi. Luckily, you don’t need to install some language software in your mobile to avail this option.